Courage, a Divorce and a Kid

Mou is a simple lady from a quintessential conservative Bengali [Indian] family, with a lovely daughter named Sharmi. Long years of marriage coupled with the lure of a different enchanting woman were enough reasons for her husband, Deban, to forsake her; a lure so strong and a drudgery so dreadful that Deban did not even have time to think for a moment that along with her good wife goes away her lovely daughter. And what happens to the tears that incessantly flows down through Mou’s eyes? What happens to Mou when every time her daughter asks why her dad left them?

It is a story of sheer determination and courage that Mou, together with her little daughter, show – facing all the odds and aftermath of the divorce, and finding solace in the company of a few old people they called their family. But then, doesn’t life take a U-turn?

Sharmi grows up to be an independent and determined woman, with courage equal to that of her mother if not more. But does she think of any retribution towards her father for the pain she and her mother had suffered for so long?

Read on to find out more in the “Life Takes A You-Turn”, a novel that is about two women, and their mothers from whom they inherited their characters, brought together by their fate.

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Are you like Ankita? Or Sharmi?

A little girl, wearing specs a bit large for her eyes, walks with her mother through the dusty roads of Kolkata back from her school. She enjoys chatting non-stop with her about how she saved her friend from being bullied. There are bouts of enjoyment in her life whenever her dad, who works abroad, visits her and her mother once a while; and the adventurous trips and times she shares with him. Years pass by and she slowly blossoms into a talkative, utterly confident and extrovert woman, though a bit whimsical while it comes to deciding things for herself. Being an avid karate expert and a discerning lawyer, her fighting spirit helps wriggle out of difficult situations – for instance, a rendezvous with a group of antisocials and a mysterious encounter with witches, as apparently perceived, in the deep hilly forests of north east India. She is Ankita.

Far away in Bangalore grows up a cute little girl who always loves to cozying up in her mother’s lap. She has struggled to understand, at such a tender age, why her father left her mother for some unknown woman. The love of her grandparents completes her circle which she calls family. Her adventures have been pretty confined to the alleys and streets of the city, more so confined to the company of her mom, grandparents and friends. She grows up to be a doctor – a confident practical woman, somewhat of a grave demeanour – a bit introvert at times and a consistently responsible caring person. Her life gets into utterly difficult situations including trysts with dacoits in a forest at the rural edges of the country. She is Sharmi.

Fate extends her long hands in getting them together where Ankita’s extrovert though whimsical nature perfectly complements the confident yet introvert demeanour of Sharmi. A story of two friends.

So, are you the one like Ankita? Or Sharmi? And do you have a friend who completes your life, your journey into unknown realms, by complementing you so well? It may even be one or both of your parents, your husband (or wife), your sibling, or your child.

My novel “Life Takes A You-Turn” is where Ankita and Sharmi come to life and take you through a series of drama, adventures and a climax that changes both their lives through their unfathomable courage. Read, and explore.

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Why you should read “Life Takes A You-Turn”

I belong to a society where women were once upon a time regarded in very high esteem.Woman – the one who completes the ‘man’ and the one who possesses the cradle of human creation through her ‘womb’. This is the very essence of human duality – the existence of both woman and man in a delicate balance – that together unites the human existence into ‘advaita’ (in sanskrit, ‘oneness’).

However, in very recent times we as a society are struggling to come to terms with how men in general deal with women, and the underlying assumptions of ‘gentler or weaker sex’. Thousands of stories today illustrate this struggle, and out of this chaos is borne the courage and grit of today’s women.

This novel is a strong representation of how women are brought up within this state of things, and how they form strong characters that can complement each other at the toughest of times in their lives. Though the setting is contemporary Indian urban, the appeal is universal in character. The novel, with its gripping plot and dramatic twists and turns, every time reminds us of how such courage is built.

If you are a woman, I hope that it serves as an inspiration and support; and if you are a man, I hope that it serves to give us a more balanced view on how you can share this world  with (and complement) our mothers, wives and daughters – on how you can be an example to whom we can look up to.


Life Takes A You-Turn : Coming of Age Debut

Everyday I see hundreds of women, and everyday I see exemplary courage emanating out of them. My realization started for the first time I saw my mother, then my sister, and then other women around me, and then my wife Moon as she entered my life, and now my daughter Hiya.

And then a few years back, two women whose exemplary courage in face of innumerable odds inspired me to pen down my first fiction in form of “Life Takes a You-Turn”.

Ankita and Sharmi are my two protagonist characters who come from two very different backgrounds, and cities. The journey, nevertheless adventurous in their own ways, from their childhood to coming-of-age brings them together into a lifelong friendship that results in their lives taking “U Turns” for better or for worse. The thrills and a dramatic climax provides a fitting ending to the novel – that hopes and strives to keep you, my valued and ardent reader, to the edge of the seat till the finish.

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I would await your kind review and feedback once you join Ankita and Sharmi on this journey and become their everlasting friends ….. a sequel (thriller genre) is up on the cards till then 🙂