Universal Knowledge. Your Life. Part 3.

sunset-yogaYou may refer to my earlier blog in this series here: Universal Knowledge. Your Life. Part 2.

By the way, did you practice the the exercise I talked about in the above blog? (Assuming you have gone through it before you read on)
Note that only reading theory does not help anyone. It is important to practice and apply the theory to fully appreciate what it is being having the experience, and is the essence of any field we work on; it may be applied science, applied mathematics, et al. Else, it is akin to reading a book on how to ride a bicycle without even trying to ride one!

Let us go back to P, and how it applies to us. This P, that manifests the entire consciousness with floating energy centers (read the very first blog of the series to understand). Now where are these energy centers manifested? In absence of any creation, they can be visualized to float in empty dark space. However, once bodies get created by them, they manifest in those bodies. Now, different bodies have different capacities to hold these energy waves (they exist as waves of an yet-immeasurable magnitude). Living organisms are simply bodies that can hold these wave forms to a greater degree; and these are called ‘souls’. But anything material has a finite existence, hence what we term as ‘death’ is actually of such material body, with the energy wave being released to the field of P.

Now in a human body, where does this soul reside? It resides somewhere along the spinal cord up to the brain. So, how do we say this? If I talk about empirical experiments, it can be quite clearly understood; mentioning this here (though it exhibits brutality), as a pure theoretical or logical reasoning may not be very convincing for us to appreciate given that we understand things better when we can visualize them:

Empirical proof of soul’s existence. If you cut off an arm or a leg of an organism, the organism still ‘lives’ on (not considering an infection to develop which we will cover separately below). But, if you cut off anywhere on the spinal cord, or any damage by say an accident happens over it, the organism will ‘die’. This happens as the spinal cord (or may be, brain) becomes incapable of holding the energy waves (similar to how atoms hold, and based on an external force emits, an electron).

So, what is an infection? Infection has to do with an external agent acting on the specific part of a body. When an infection spreads in a way that the nervous system anyhow gets impacted (thereby affecting the spinal cord or brain), the body again will die. Even in case of heart attack, where the root cause may be apparently stoppage of blood circulation, it is really about stopping the blood flow – hence resulting in lack of enough oxygen – to the brain that damages the system. Note that we can still talk about the electrical system of the brain, however in that case any of the energy fields – electrical, magnetic, etc. – has originated from P.

Now, why I am talking about this impact and influence of P on the human body?
Because, given that the humans are the highest forms of organisms that has the capability to ‘think’ without being solely or primarily instinctive (as animals) – given that for lower animals there’s an inability to ‘think’ at such varying degrees of complexity as us – realizing P and being able to control it at any degree results in an ability to control your health and overall well being, your enduring happiness and lastly realizing the purpose of being a human itself; which ultimately leads to the release of bondage into the salvation state of P. This is the last benefit that I hinted at in my earlier blog.
(I am not going to cover the reason why we humans only have the ability of ‘higher thinking’ unlike lower animals)

So, is realization of P the ultimate objective of being a human? Is it not (owning) a BMW, or (going to Paris to see) the Eiffel Tower, or a Macbook, or a great marriage, or a nice holiday, or even a great sex life, or a global recognition in your work? Answer – No; it’s only salvation. This is covered in the earlier blog mentioned above; but then, if the question is, why should you try to achieve something which does not lead to any ‘result’? Because, human (or any living organism’s) intellect, being bound to this consciousness (P), is bound to ultimately realize this in one of the ‘births’ or forms the soul will take (I am talking a little about rebirth here, whether you believe it or not, which can easily be inferred if you have read through this blog series till now).

Then, how do we realize, or at least start realizing, P? Through a form of meditation that connects you to the larger P using the part that is inside you – the soul. That form of meditation will take you through the path of the aforesaid benefits anyway, which though are not the ultimate aims except for the salvation itself. Yes, you do not need any further exercise or weight training or brainstorming to keep fit, if your thoughts is controlled through this form of meditation towards realizing P. Keeping fit simply becomes a milestone or by-product on the path towards salvation.

If you have still kept the faith this far, read on the next blog which explains this technique.
Note that this is not specific to any geography, religious practice (we tend to think in those terms when we talk about meditation), rituals, class, creed or sex.

PRACTICE SESSION – for 15 minutes; 1 week or more
Continuing with the earlier practice (as per my last blog in this series) – hoping that you are able to concentrate enough for 10 min now – we will change it a little as follows:
1. Breath slowly; and while you do it, inhale and exhale deeply with your stomach expanding and contracting respectively
2. Instead of thinking of four things (as earlier covered) and imagining throwing them on to the dark infinity, think of any one static and easily perceived object of your choice (it can be a burning candle, a lotus or any other flower, or even say a pot) – and concentrate on it for sometime so that no other thought comes to your mind
3. As your thought is fixed on that object for a while, imagine throwing it into the dark infinity and only think of this darkness till you open back your eyes

Note – it may not be so easy at first, given that there would be other distracting thoughts coming up in your mind while you practice initially.


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