Courage, a Divorce and a Kid

Mou is a simple lady from a quintessential conservative Bengali [Indian] family, with a lovely daughter named Sharmi. Long years of marriage coupled with the lure of a different enchanting woman were enough reasons for her husband, Deban, to forsake her; a lure so strong and a drudgery so dreadful that Deban did not even have time to think for a moment that along with her good wife goes away her lovely daughter. And what happens to the tears that incessantly flows down through Mou’s eyes? What happens to Mou when every time her daughter asks why her dad left them?

It is a story of sheer determination and courage that Mou, together with her little daughter, show – facing all the odds and aftermath of the divorce, and finding solace in the company of a few old people they called their family. But then, doesn’t life take a U-turn?

Sharmi grows up to be an independent and determined woman, with courage equal to that of her mother if not more. But does she think of any retribution towards her father for the pain she and her mother had suffered for so long?

Read on to find out more in the “Life Takes A You-Turn”, a novel that is about two women, and their mothers from whom they inherited their characters, brought together by their fate.

Get it at amazon sites worldwide, either in kindle reader, or as a paperback [availability varies with respect to the specific country’s site].


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