Life Takes A You-Turn : Coming of Age Debut

Everyday I see hundreds of women, and everyday I see exemplary courage emanating out of them. My realization started for the first time I saw my mother, then my sister, and then other women around me, and then my wife Moon as she entered my life, and now my daughter Hiya.

And then a few years back, two women whose exemplary courage in face of innumerable odds inspired me to pen down my first fiction in form of “Life Takes a You-Turn”.

Ankita and Sharmi are my two protagonist characters who come from two very different backgrounds, and cities. The journey, nevertheless adventurous in their own ways, from their childhood to coming-of-age brings them together into a lifelong friendship that results in their lives taking “U Turns” for better or for worse. The thrills and a dramatic climax provides a fitting ending to the novel – that hopes and strives to keep you, my valued and ardent reader, to the edge of the seat till the finish.

Get my book at amazon [worldwide], available either as a kindle edition or paperback, or both.

I would await your kind review and feedback once you join Ankita and Sharmi on this journey and become their everlasting friends ….. a sequel (thriller genre) is up on the cards till then 🙂



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